Ismless + ism.


I have been seriously dedicated to the above problem since the 1st of August 2016. I spent nearly 5 years reading over 130 books and I wrote an 87,000 word anti-racist JOKE about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, which calculated and simplified down to one mathematically perfect one word equation, formula or ANSWER which is the Ismlessism. The Ismlessism is the ultimate and unquestionable ANSWER and solution to the ism, namely racism.  The Ismlessim is a DOUBLE ism, it is thee ism, it is a brand new religious ism and it is the ultimate one word ANSWER or solution to the other ism, namely racism.

The Formula.

The Ismlessism is the true and genuine forgiveness Adolf Hitler. The Ismlessism takes racism away. The ismless part equals racism and the ism takes it away.

Ismless = racism

Ismless + ism = outta here

Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.
Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand.

To find out more about the Ismlessism and how it removes racism and forgives Adolf Hitler, see the menu.

Hypothetical religion.

The Ismlessism is a hypothetical, anti-racist and mystical religion, that is about the forgiveness and well being of white people. As Borat would say, the Ismlessism is a hypothetical new religion of anti-racism for make benefit glorious continent of Europe. The deal is that the ismlessism is a universal or anti-racist religion, however, the stipulation is:

  • As long as Adolf Hitler becomes an Ismlessist and believes in and professes the Ismlessim he is forgiven, therefore, Antifa have to chill out, stop their violence towards white people (and those who want to be white Ismlessists) and forgive Adolf Hitler also. The Ismlessim removes racism from Adolf Hitler and therefore, the Ismlessim is the complete and humorous forgiveness of Adolf Hitler that leads to the forgiveness of all white people and to their being admired and even loved by non-white Ismlessists.
  • Non-white Ismlessists have to lose the DESIRE to want to destroy, conquer and master Europe, Europeans or white Ismlessists.

The Ismlessism is for want of a better term, a ‘non-aspiring’ (that is a non-Buddha/Christ) religion, potentially like Hinduism, Confucianism, Jainism or Taoism etc. Through an 87,000 word, anti-racist JOKE about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, I asked the QUESTION is it possible to forgive Adolf Hitler, fix racism and save white people? The Ismlessism is the one word formula, equation or ANSWER. The Ismlessism is bigger than racism. Because the QUESTION or JOKE was asked, an Ismlessist believes that the Ismlessism is the ultimate ANSWER. An Ismlessist believes that the Ismlessism proves that God always has an ANSWER for those who sincerely and humbly ask, even for the Holocaust.

“Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. To him who knocks it will be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

The + ism.

I was worried that the adjective ‘ismless’ would be the best term as it’s shorter than the noun Ismlessism. However, it’s not. I obviously got the adjective ismless first and it is definitely needed and required grammatically, however, the idea goes much further. Anyone can attain the adjective ismless from off the top of their heads, but you cannot attain an ism or a hypothetical religion from off the top of your head, you need to add or plus thee ism to the adjective ismless in order to attain the noun Ismlessism. Over nearly five years I asked the QUESTION again and again: Is there anything we can do about the Holocaust? Is there any way to forgive Adolf Hitler? Is there any way we can overcome racism? Is the anything we can do to save white people? To that end, since August 2016 I have read almost every day totalling over 150 books (as of May 2021) entirely devoted and focused on the singular purpose of fixing the ism and saving white people. I tried four different methods or ideologies to solve the ism on social media over the years, including:

  • Generalisation. This is how I started on social media, when I was a dumb medium racist. Generalisation was a completely incorrect ideology or philosophy of generalising all non-white or Muslim people for individual acts of terror etc. It was totally wrong and I completely and humbly admit that.
  • Kryptonite. I tried an alternative term for the noun racism, by always calling the term racism ‘kryptonite’, as in racism is kryptonite to white people. I learned humbleness through kryptonite but nothing much more. Kryptonite was a failure and unbelievably un-academic. I was completely wrong and I humbly admit that.
  • True racism. I have never been anti-Semitic and true racism was my absolute best effort to both appease Jewish people and forgive Adolf Hitler ‘at the same time’. For example, true racism was by definition never anti-Semitism because if it was it wouldn’t be true racism, and true racism was by definition never anti-racism because if it was it wouldn’t be true racism? This attempt was a bit better, but probably a bit fascist, hence, it was a failure, completely wrong, unacceptable and I totally and humbly admit that.
  • Time for forgiveness. This was the 87,000 word, anti-racist JOKE about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler. This thesis was the true QUESTION that I asked. I asked is there a solution to or any forgiveness for the Holocaust? Is there a solution to racism? Is there any way to save white people? All of which is pretty much the same QUESTION. I put my absolute heart and soul into this thesis over more than a year. I must have read all 87,000 words of it thousands of times. I must have put hundreds of hours of time and energy into creating the digital art. Yes I spent over a year writing an 87,000 word, anti-racist JOKE about the forgiveness of the Adolf Hitler (and other serious criminals). The thesis was titled Time For Forgiveness and it was supposed to be absolute and universal forgiveness with time and relativity. For example, because Adolf Hitler cared so much about racism and (quote) “subhumans” wouldn’t he be forgiven if he traveled back in time and made himself equal to a “subhuman” such as Australopithecus africanus? And because Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal in the 20th century, wouldn’t he be forgiven if he traveled back in time and equated himself to such as Homo antecessor, who was also cannibalistic? And because Jimmy Savile was a statutory rapist in the 20th century, wouldn’t he be forgiven if he either went back in time to before 1875 AD, (as the age of consent was 12 years old in Britain until then), or before 1275 AD, (as there wasn’t an age of consent in England until then)? Anyway, the thesis was just meant to be a lighthearted JOKE, but it was probably wrong and unacceptable, all of which I once again completely, truly, deeply and humbly admit. The thesis hung on the idea of time travel to the past, which is a scientific impossibility, therefore it was kind of a guess. However, I don’t believe it is the QUESTION that matters, the point is that I humbly and sincerely asked the QUESTION that no one has ever asked before, namely is there any way we can forgive Adolf Hitler? All that matters is the ANSWER, which I subsequently attained through abandoning the thesis. The Ismlessism is actually the true forgiveness of Adolf Hitler. So it was a DUMB QUESTION but a SMART ANSWER. I have the proof that I wrote the 87,000 word, anti-racist JOKE about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler with 100 unique works of comical digital art HERE.

All deeply embarrassing and very HUMBLING experiences all of which ultimately failed. However, God clearly loves a trier because I then gave up on my quest to fix the ism, I unofficially converted to Catholicism and began to pray the Rosary every day, and then miraculously all of my prayers were answered when during my prayers I realised that white people are ‘ismless’, which I thought was a pretty good term, however, then subsequently through prayers, reading and messing around with this website, I luckily attained the noun Ismlessism. Instantly I knew I had a religious ism like Hinduism. The lesson is NEVER give up, even if you try four different dead in the water, year-long projects you will get there in the end. The Ismlessism is the perfect ANSWER to the ism, namely racism. That is how to create an ism and found a hypothetical religion or religious ism. Anyway, the adjective ismless is not an ism or a religious ism. Unlike the noun Ismlessism, the adjective ismless is not capitalised and does not produce the noun Ismlessist which can also be an adjective.

To reiterate:

The Ismlessism is the full noun.

The Ismlessism is proper.

The Ismlessism is double.

The Ismlessism is thee ism.

The Ismlessism is a religion.

The Ismlessism is the formula.

The Ismlessism is the ANSWER.


The absolute first thing that I realised is that the problem with white people today is that they are ismless. SO WHITE PEOPLE NEED AN ISM. HENCE, ISMLESS + ISM. An ism is all things to us. If we want to succeed we need an ism, namely the Ismlessism. Everyone must possess a religious ism. To inform white South Africans that the problem with white people in America and Europe and across the globe is not that they do not care, but that they are ismless, may ameliorate some of their anger towards us for our so called not caring and for our so called betrayal of them; especially the British for the Boer War etc. Without the Ismlessism, you just become angry about the Second World War and the Holocaust etc, which for sure are definitely the reasons why white people are ismless. The lesson from World War Two and the Holocaust is that if Hindus went around killing all non-Hindus, there would be no Hinduism. Hinduism would become a bad word, like how king was a bad word for the Romans, and no one would be able to confidently identify as a Hindu. The Hindus would be ismless.

About me.

You may be asking who the fuck is this mad man claiming to form a hypothetical new religion? My name is Graham Cammock, I am a non-aspiring 40 year old, British and disabled (schizophrenia) white person. The Ismlessism is a hypothetical non-aspiring and mystical religion, however, my REAL religion is Catholicism and that’s where the real magic of the Ismlessism comes from. Most importantly, you need to know that I don’t care one iota about the two big religious figures of history, namely Jesus Christ and the Buddha. You need to know that I don’t care about much except my people and my continent. I don’t care about much except the Ismlessism, as I know (as you do) that white people are doomed without it. I am an avid reader and non-aspiring DJ. I like trance and techno music.

No isms!!


The Ismless + ism removes the racial hatred and anger from the world.