What is the Ismless + ism?

The Ismless + ism is a fundamental word, term or ism. It’s discovery involved the realisation of the adjective ismless and then the addition of thee second ism which forms the noun Ismlessism and does all the removal work. As long as we make Adolf Hitler the Ismlessist and make sure he believes in and professes the Ismless + ism, the Ismless + ism removes or takes racism away from Adolf Hitler. The adjective ismless equals, represents or stands for racism or Adolf Hitler and means that Adolf Hitler and white people are without an ism because they cannot use racism. The addition of thee second ism obviously and ironically turns the adjective Ismless (which means no isms or without isms) into an ism just for good measure and therefore removes or takes racism away from Adolf Hitler.

Ismless = Adolf Hitler

Ismless + ism = racism removed

Forgive Adolf Hitler = remove racial hatred and anger from the world

Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand. Caveman, prehistoric man, subhuman, monkey, ape, primate, animal.
Miocene Adolf Hitler, (chimpanzee) with right hand.

You get a lot of people who won’t even accept the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, even in an emphatically anti-racist way. This is very un-Christian. I think a lot of people may get schadenfreude about white people’s demise? It’s like there is something wrong with the anti-racist forgiveness of Adolf Hitler? It’s simple. As along as Adolf Hitler is the Ismlessist and professes and believes in the Ismless + ism, the Ismless + ism cuts the head off the snake, removes the racism from Adolf Hitler, (which is his absolution) that leads to the absolution of all subordinate Nazis for their individual acts of terror during World War Two, as well as the absolution of smaller-scale sinners such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile, as well as the forgiveness of all of our petty or minor sins. And it is the absolution of Adolf Hitler that removes the racial hatred and anger from the world. I believe that to forgive Adolf Hitler is the answer to world peace. Adolf Hitler is the Ismlessist! Adolf Hitler is the Ismless + ism. That’s what to call him. That’s how to forgive him. I am just the fool who wrote an 87,000 word ant-racist joke about how to forgive Adolf Hitler and then subsequently discovered theIsmless + ism. The rule or law is to refer to Adolf Hitler as the Ismlessist and to refer to everybody else as an Ismlessist. This is how to forgive Adolf Hitler. TheIsmless + ism determines that nothing is unfixable. Even the Holocaust. Racism is finished, forget about it. Therefore, we need to find another ism, hence the Ismless + ism. The Ismless + ism is a double ism, it is thee ism and it removes the racism from Adolf Hitler and the world. The Ismless + ism is neither racist nor anti-racist, yet it has the humour. People don’t need to go through a ritual or an initiation process to become an anti-racist for example, they simply pick it up. Therefore, to become an Ismlessist, all that you have to do is read this thesis and if by the end of it, you are convinced about the rightness and benefits of the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, then you are a convert to the Ismless + ism. By the time you have finished reading this essay, something should have changed inside of your head, and if you are convinced that you forgive Adolf Hitler, then you are an Ismlessist. The question is, is it technically possible to forgive Adolf Hitler? I am convinced, in fact I know that with theIsmless + ism, the absolution of Adolf Hitler is guaranteed. I know this because the Ismless + ism is fundamental, unquestionable and bulletproof. However, the only problem is how people will react to the instant thought of forgiving Adolf Hitler, without giving this thesis the time and the chance it deserves to explain. What I feel is fear, not doubt, and if people do react negatively to the even the thought of forgiving Adolf Hitler, I know that in the next life I will be vindicated.

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