Ismless + ism.


The problem for racists, is that they follow, make, profess or identify as a political or philosophical ism and not a religion or religious ism. Therefore, this means that when they are negatively, viciously and maliciously attacked for their beliefs by anti-racists, either on social media or sometimes physically by extremists such as Antifa, they are never martyrs. I mean I believe that racists suffer abuse mentally, emotionally and physically for their… Read More

The difference between the Ismless + ism and anti – racism is that the Ismless + ism removes racism totally, peacefully, amicably and positively, while anti – racism just attacks and scorns racism maliciously and negatively without removing it from the universe. This means that all white people are being attacked. The Ismless + ism forgives Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust while anti – racism does not even think about the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler. Anti – racism… Read More